3 things I learnt from 25 Global Entrepreneurs in Bali

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It was November 12th 2019, I was in Ubud for Bali business school with my business partner. 

We had already been in Bali for a number of days and I had fallen in love with the people and the Island of the Gods.

It was time for work, time to take a deep dive into not only our business but fundamental strategies that would set 2020 on fire.

Our Business School leaders Mike Handcock and Landi Jac, founders of the conscious leadership movement. Hold numerous events each year around the world.
Needless to say I was excited. I was searching for change, chasing the dream. Not that things were bad, not at all, but I guess the older I get the more I have this sense that time is running out.

This thing we call life is a journey, not a destination and the experiences along the way are the true rewards. I know this, yet I feel I have so much to prove to myself  in a short amount of time.
So I was determined to embrace this experience, bring it on!

Each day we would start class at 8am, there would be breaks for meals as well as several hours in the middle of the day, then class would wrap at 8pm.

My fellow business owners, many with more degrees than a thermometer, came from all over the globe and were at the top of their game. I would look around the room and think, do I belong here? Without hesitation my gut screamed hell yeah!  I had been pushing for years to get here. 

Just 4 years ago I had been clawing my way back from bankruptcy post GFC.
Starting my days at 3am to the sound of Gary Vee saying “You F*ckn got this bro!”
Going door to door, hunting for sales to keep our family above the poverty line.

I had come too far to back out now.


Lesson number 1:

  •    Relationships are everything. You may have heard of a saying “your network = your net worth.”

           Solid relationships with quality people will take you to places beyond what you may have 

           envisioned for your life and your business. 

           Like everything else, they take time. Time to build trust, credibility and likability. 

           We received offers to film in Malaysia, South Africa and Perth from relationships built  

           over 6 days. What could you do in a year? 

DO – Invest in quality relationships.

DON’T – Do it solely for self gain, ask yourself “How can I help them” 


Lesson number 2:

  • Shutup and listen. When we meet a quality person, we automatically want to tell them all about ourselves, our business. The stories I heard fascinated me, if you just listen more than you talk you will be surprised, not only by what you learn but by the connection this process creates.

DO  –      Listen, then listen some more.

DON’T – Talk about how amazing you are straight off the bat. You will get your opportunity, let    

           them reveal their essence to you.  If it’s someone you want to get to know on a deeper  

           level, they will ask you about your story. After all, if they don’t ask, they don’t care so why   

          Invest time in them. Next. 



Lesson number 3:


  • Look for greatness. Everyone has greatness within them. If you search for this then you will find it. Some wear greatness on their sleeve, others you may have to dig a little deeper.
  • Understand you don’t know what you don’t know. You could be sitting next to one of the most extraordinary human beings on the planet and not even know it.

DO – Search for greatness

DON’T – Judge people based on the 1% you know about them, people will surprise you.


– Kevin Etherington,  Founder – The Authority Group