5 reasons why you need video in your business

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In these unprecedented times, communication is of the utmost importance.

With people working from home our new normal seems to be changing weekly and we must adapt, or maybe we’ll be left in the slow lane and overtaken by our competitors.

It wasn’t long ago that everything was fine and dandy, prospects were inquiring, website visitors were engaging, coffee meetings were a breeze, employees were happy, cash flow was strong, and profits were steady.

Yeah, I know.

Don’t remind me.

With limited face to face time, and for many, working from home in the new new normal, the next best way to communicate with people is via video.

Video is a trust tactic (not a marketing or sales tactic) so it’s important to use it if you want your prospects or customers or employees or engage with us in meaningful way.

To look us in the eye and make that call.

Are they someone that I can trust?

But there’s a long, long list of objections to why people don’t use video.

I get it.

I can’t afford the fancy equipment.

My nose looks wonky.

My face isn’t the right size.

My voice sounds like a 12-year-old boy.

I just can’t seem to find the right words.

I don’t know what to talk about.

The list goes on.

Well, I guess if you want to hang on to those really justified reasons then this blog post isn’t for you.


if you’re willing to explore, just a little, what’s possible, then maybe, just maybe, you might get…

More inquiries on your website,

More friend or connection requests on LinkedIn,

More comments and conversations about your product and services,

More leads,

More than what you’re getting now.

I’m not saying that you will.

But consistently showing up on LinkedIn or Facebook with video posts of you informing, educating, and entertaining your online tribe on why you’re different, how your product or service can help solve problems then you’re in for a fighting chance.

And all you need is your smartphone.

In this link I’ll show you the basic equipment you need to do quality videos by yourself.

In this link I’ll show you some simple presentation tips, so you look good.

In this link, I’ll show you the four different types of content that you should be creating.


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