Amare Safety
PPE, Industrial Comapny, Safety Supplier

We are privately owned and have been operating in Australia since 1985. Amare Safety has been established in New Zealand for almost 11 years and has a 60% local shareholding. This company aims to:

– Provide competitive value and variety through well known and great brands as well as a commitment to service.
– Use modern freighting and communications to provide an effective low cost distribution option to customers nationwide.
– Amare Safety has a huge range of products available in New Zealand at our warehouse/store , we have a weekly airfreight service set up from the Amare Safety Australia who are one of our overseas suppliers.
– We welcome the opportunity to quote on your safety needs or source any specific requirement no matter how unusual or difficult!
– We do our own embroidery and logos!

NZ’s leading supplier & top online shopping destination for safety equipment, safety gear, safety boots, ppe & more.

Amare Safety is in the business of marketing safety/protective equipment and work place apparel to end user customers.
We enjoy working with businesses of all sizes and aim to provide cost effective safety packages. Amare Safety NZ offers
great safety brands, a commitment to service and flexibility for our customers.

Contact Details

John White
General Manager
Phone: 09 271 5814
Address: 50 Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013