Organisational Development – HR, H&S, QA

Want Business Structure without the Stuffiness?
The Emendas approach to people, process and safety unlocks the agility and freedom your organisation needs to grow, and with simple and practical roadmaps, leaves you to get on with business.

Your people, process and safety practices underpin your results. You don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach to your customers, why should you be lumped with one?

With almost 20 years of trade and industrial experience, Emendas understands the importance of flexibility and speed for SMEs in your industry. We also understand the time pressures and financial constraints that come with competing against much bigger companies.

Your business is unique, so your systems should be too. At Emendas, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor your Human Resources, Health and Safety, Quality Assurance systems to practically suit to your business. We expect you’ll be keen to see the return on investment from your efforts here, so we’ve devised a clever scorecard system that allows you to see your compliance progress and impact.

People, Process & Safety – Simply

At risk with employment & safety compliance? Protect and grow your business with simplified People, Process and Safety systems.

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Organisational Development Specialist
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