Rivers Carbon

Rivers Carbon is the carbon fibre composite consultancy & manufacturer that is the “go to” company when there are difficult to solve technical design challenges.

Rivers Carbon has over 35 years worth of engineering experience working with world leading organisations who see the opportunity for carbon fibre & composites to create innovative products that have lower weight, greater strength & allow for higher profit.

We service the mining, aerospace, automotive, autoclave controls, prosthetics & marine industries however carbon fibre & composites are useful in many areas.
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Graeme Rivers – Carbon Fiber Specialist

Graeme is one of the world’s leading carbon fibre and composite engineers who lives and breathes carbon fibre.  He has a brilliant mind for designing solutions to solve complex engineering problems.  Over his 35 years as an engineer he worked for a range of companies in New Zealand, Australia and Finland before founding Rivers Carbon in 2002 which specialises in industrial design solutions to make use of the light weight and exceptional strength of Carbon Fibre.

Contact Details

Graeme Rivers
Director – Engineer
Phone: 021 360 362
Email: graeme@riverscarbon.com
Address: PO Box 91544, Victoria St West, Auckland