Josh Cuttance – SHARE NZ
Personal Insurance

I help families, couples and individuals understand their personal insurance cover and put in place tailored insurance solutions.

The types of insurance that I offer advice on are; Life, Trauma, Total and Permanent Disablement, Income Protection and Health Insurance.

The insurance discussion doesn’t have to be one that is boring and overwhelming as it so commonly can be. It is my mission to ensure that is never the case when you sit across from me to get things sorted.

Let’s get you appropriately covered!

Want an insurance adviser who works for YOU?

Your personal insurances are an important part of your monthly spend. They are what gives us reassurance that ourselves and our families will be looked after should the unexpected happen with our health.

We pay good money to be insured and therefore it is just as important to make sure that we have someone there to support us should we need to review, discuss, make changes or even claim on our covers.

Who you choose as your adviser is therefore a vitally important decision in this process. They are the person at the end of the phone who is able to get in your corner, work for you and offer you ongoing support and service year after year.

If this sounds like the service you are after then get in touch – for advice that matters in covering you and your family I would love to help.

Contact Details

Josh Cuttance
Insurance Specialist
Phone: 0277427333