The Happiness at Work Coach
Coaching, Workplace Wellbeing

The ‘Practical Approach to Happiness at Work’ (6-week group or individual programme) provides the help that I wished that I had, when I was miserable at work those several years ago. It provides a motivating programme of practical steps that anyone can take, to achieve greater fun, fulfillment and enjoyment at work. I am so excited about being able to deliver this programme and share these amazing tools and secrets with you!

I also provide seminars on a range of happiness at work topics designed to inform, inspire and motivate staff.Seminars are run either as a webinar or onsite at your organisation (Auckland, New Zealand).

The Happiness at Work Coach

Dr Kathryn Owler has dedicated the last 10 years to finding ways to experience joy and happiness at work, carrying out academic research on the topic but also by learning hands-on through her own tussles with work-life.

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Dr Kathryn Owler
Phone: 021-137-9801
Address: Auckland, New Zealand