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“There was a time when Real Estate Agents showed up to your home, asked you to sign their agency agreement, put a sign in the front yard, showed a few people through, gave out a few brochures and eventually sold your property.

Those days, are gone.

The Real Estate business is not the Real Estate business, anymore. I’m in the business of helping you and your family achieve your goals, dreams and desires and in the process, ‘positioning’ you for your next exciting and prosperous chapter in life.

For this reason, I believe it’s no longer acceptable to just, “sell your house.”

The role of Real Estate Agents, has evolved.

The role of Agent 3.0 is to showcase and present your home, on-stage and in the spotlight, in a category of one, where there’s no perceived competition, or price limit.

Your agent should demonstrate upfront, their ability to craft a “multi-platinum award winning campaign,” positioning your home to “debut at #1 on the charts.”

Because it’s about giving your audience what they want, and leave them wanting more.

This—is Show Time.

The Agent who understands and implements this concept has the power to exponentially increase the happiness of your family, and the wealth of your family empire.”

Tim Webb – November 2015

BREAKING: NZ Real Estate Agent GIVES Value Instead Of Taking Value.

An agent with a conscience. I believe that in order to receive, first we must give value. A statement the NZ Real Estate industry could learn from.

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