Unleashing Potential
Digital Marketing | Business Growth | Lead Generation

Industry: Digital Marketing
Name: Yusuke Inui
Position: Director | Strategist | Consultant

We enhance businesses to develop successful owners

Most business owners come to us asking for a new website AdWords campaign, or social media advertising. The objective for the client is to grow their business, often by picking up new customers through an increase of sales opportunities.
That’s what we do. With 11 years in business, how we do that comes from developing an in-depth understanding of our clients, their target customers and resources. As part of this, we offer a digital marketing coaching course 50% funded by ATEED.

Contact Details

Yusuke Inui
Director | Strategist | Consultant
Phone: 021 808 232
Email: yusuke@unleashingpotential.co.nz
Address: 15 Mercari Way, Albany, Auckland