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WARN International specialises in mental health (we prefer to use the term mind health), personal resilience, communication and personal safety through online courses, keynote presentations and in person workshops. We inspire and motivate, providing participants with the skills to look after both themselves and each other; improving the culture of your organisation and assisting with personal growth.

By using proven techniques that are grounded in neuroscience, combine positive psychology with emotional intelligence, and utilising the extensive real-life experience of our founder, we deliver unique programmes that are tailored to your requirements; teaching how to control negative thoughts and emotions, enhancing conflict resolution, and responding to emergencies. We pride ourselves in being leaders of positive change, working to solve these problems for both individuals and corporate organisations; we are here to help.

Wellness, Awareness, Resilience, Negotiation

We provide workshops and keynote presentations based on the three pillars of total wellness – Adaptability (Resiliency), Communications, and Personal Safety. All of our programmes contain contemporary neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology.

Often, a challenging part of our day is holding difficult conversations with others, if we communicate more effectively then the impact on us is significantly reduced. Safety and security are a major consideration today, enhancing a culture of safety and security at all levels reduces harm. Maintaining well-being is imperative to mitigate stressors in today’s fast-paced world and is now directed by legislation.

WARN has progressive communication techniques to manage emotional people, reinforced with practical tips on utilising verbal and non-verbal cues designed to de-escalate and engage. Our safety programmes cover; the psychology of safety, emergency preparedness & response, personal safety, remaining vigilant through situational awareness, and overcoming complacency. Adaptability, more commonly known as resiliency, refers to our ability to cope with pressures of a busy life, is imperative to support our physical and psychological health.

We modify our programmes to suit your unique environment. Unlike off-the-shelf products, we focus on your specific needs and welcome discussions on interchanging the topics described in each course. Hence, we do not provide preformatted workbooks. Additionally, we provide leadership programmes for all of our courses.

Our delivery time varies according to the role of the team and the amount of detail required with each programme. The minimum delivery time is generally two hours for those teams that need just the fundamentals through to three or four hours for teams that require enhanced skills. If role-plays are included in the workshop, or you would like to cover all three pillars in detail, an extended programme may be recommended.

We have no firm rule on numbers attending the coaching sessions, 12 to 15 tends to work best, and we work to according to your schedules.

All of our programmes are grounded in science, validated by research, and are regularly updated to remain relevant. Most importantly, they work exceptionally well.

Our Managing Director, Lance Burdett, has vast knowledge, skills and expertise in managing workplace challenges. During his 22-year police career, Lance spent 13 years as a crisis negotiator qualifying in NZ, Australia, and with the FBI. He taught crisis intervention techniques to police negotiators and led numerous high-risk incidents including the infamous Napier siege. He was described as “the most qualified and highly skilled negotiator within NZ Police”. Lance worked with the elite tactical teams from Police, Corrections, Emergency Services, the Military, and the FBI.

Lance is skilled at operating in dynamic environments. Qualifying as a protection officer, he oversaw the protection of the NZ Prime Minister, international dignitaries, and for those people on the witness protection programme across NZ. He was an emergency response manager, directing the immediate response to all serious criminal and civil incidents. His analytical skills were strengthened managing criminal and top-secret intelligence. He was the principal security officer for NZ athletes at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games and the 2012 London Olympics.

Working at the Police Emergency call centre, Lance developed and delivered coaching sessions on managing difficult people and on personal resilience. His resiliency programme was adopted nationally by NZ Police and now forms part of the mandatory training for all emergency call centre staff.

Lance completed a Master of Arts Degree, majoring in Terrorism Safety & Security, which focussed on external and internal influences impacting upon human behaviour. He received a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies, a Diploma in Policing (NZ) and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Management. He is currently working towards a Diploma in positive psychology. All topics studied were based around the understanding of human dynamics.

Lance published the bestselling book – Behind the Tape, Life on the Police Frontline – detailing highlights of his police career as well as anecdotes of depression and suicide. His second book – Here’s a Thought, adapting to an ever-changing world, is due for publication in September 2020. He makes regular media guest appearances and provides inspirational keynote presentations.

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Lance Burdett
Managing Director
Phone: 0211105547
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Address: Orewa, Auckland.