Workforce Vitality
Health and Wellness

With a change in our working environments, we have identified numerous health challenges that we are going to be faced with very shortly, if we don’t act now. Additional acute stress has already hit all of our bodies, which may have already triggered some very serious health symptoms like sleeping issues, brain fog, anxiety and depression, cravings for sugar and fats as well as emotional eating. We have had a biochemistry overload. We have also had a change in our biomechanical structure due to many of us working from home and not having the ergonomically correct work space set up.
Before we start seeing an increase in Type ii Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, increase in weight and many aches and pains in our bodies, please contact us to discuss the online programs which can assist yourself and your teams

The holistic path to workplace vitality

As a result of partnering with Workforce-Vitality, companies of all sizes will realise increases in performance and productivity from their employees, and decreases in employee costs, ultimately increasing profits.
This is accomplished by decreasing absenteeism, decreasing lost work days to injury and/or illness, decreasing ACC levies (and/or insurance premiums), and increasing employee energy, focus, creativity & productivity.
We achieve this by implementing health and wellbeing programmes that will massively increase the physical and mental vitality of your employees, and thereby optimise efficiency, growth & profitability.
We are looking for company directors, and managers who want to engage with us to help them to achieve massive financial benefits for their business while also co-creating a vital workforce.

Contact Details

Kerry Dell
Health Coach
Phone: 0211096828
Address: Apollo Medical Centre, 119 Apollo Drive